work from home 8 secrets to unlocking the treasure chest of the internet

Work from home has been the dream of people for generations whether it was taking in laundry, baking or shoeing horses. There have also always been illegal activities, but we won’t go there. For many generations, jobs on the outside have been meat grinders of boredom and stress. It seems you are always working at building someone else’s dream.
Nori Evoy, a successful entrepreneur once said, “If you don’t own your life, what’s the point?”
8 Things You Can Do To Work From Home:

If you have any special training in any particular field, you can start up a paid advice service. If you are a nutritionist, for example, you could give advice to people with diabetes or those trying to loose weight. A plumber might have a site on how to conquer plumbing problems or what to look out for when hiring a plumber.
You can complete online surveys. This usually is best for someone who is younger and working. The work is tedious and doesn’t pay much(typically $2 or $3 per survey), but it is money. Watch out that the “surveys” are not a front for some glittering sales page trying to peddle you the latest get rich scheme. A great place to check up on any prospective source of home income for yourself is by visiting the Better Business Bureau for your area. Do a search for Better Business These folks keep a close eye on consumer complaints.
Another possible source of work from home is stuffing envelopes. Many of these schemes, however, are fronts for places trying to sell you mailing lists or stuffing equipment or whatever. Again, check with the Better Business Bureau or do a search exactly like this including the quotes: “forums+the name of whatever you are looking at”. These forums will educate you very quickly on what is good and what is a scam.
You can do affiliate marketing. For this you will have to know some of how the internet works. Affiliate marketing is the fastest and most painless way to make money from home. One way is called Pay Per Click which involves those little ads you see all around this page. It can be risky, however, so it’s best to wait on this one till you know what you are doing. Another way of affiliate marketing is using “organic” traffic. This is the most recommended way to start. It is also free! There are thousands of ways to make money with affiliate marketing. They all end up producing that magical work from home you are seeking.
Write an ebook. You can’t write, you say. Well, you can hire it out or buy an existing book and sell it. You can also sell other peoples’ ebooks as an affiliate. There is one place that is the industry leader and that is a place called Clickbank. For more information on this one, check out to get an overview of the 10,000 or so eproducts that you can sell.
Open your own online store. For this, you will have to learn about how to build a website, generate free or paid traffic and get set up with whatever type of product you want to sell. Like the above, the best way to do this is to become an affiliate. It never costs anything to become an affiliate! Remember that. If someone is trying to shake you down for some money to become an affiliate for them or if they insist you buy some of the product yourself, dump them immediately. You can have an interest in almost anything and become an affiliate for Amazon or Home Depot or any other reputable company and they are all free to join!
You can write and sell articles to webmasters. This involves writing articles on a particular subject, grouping them together in a package of 5 or 10 articles and selling them to a few webmasters. Generally, the less the number of packages you sell, the more you can ask because they are more exclusive. A good place to find out more about this is by hanging around the Warrior Forums.
Some people do very well doing online auctions. They buy and sell and make some money. Some people make a great deal of money. Again, part of the learning curve is in how to do this type of business. The best known and most reputable such place to do business is, of course, They have an excellent tutorial series which is invaluable in training you for this type of business. Best of all, they are free!

Work from home is not as simple as it perhaps was 50 years ago. Back then, if you were lucky enough to have a trade, you could start working “on the side”. For example, an electrician could start wiring the odd rec room or bathroom renovation. A baker could start making specialty pastries, for example. A nurse could do home care on a scheduled basis that did not interfere with her regular work schedule. A teacher might do tutoring for kids that were struggling in school.
Today, the reality is:

All of these things can still be done, but much more care and caution have to be taken. Liability insurance an eat you alive with their premiums. If you are a caregiver, you never know what kind of people you will meet and people’s expectations can be tough.
By far the ideal solution to work from home is to generate your own job directly from home. This way you have no face-to-face customer contact. If you like to interact, you can choose to do so and work your business accordingly.
In days gone by, for many people like the electrician or nurse mentioned above, you had to go out of the house. If you didn’t have a trade, you usually had to still go out to house clean or something like that.
If you have ambition and want to work from home on your terms, there couldn’t be a better time to be alive! I don’t care what the economy is like, what the prospects are for the next five years, how greedy Wall Street is and how the situation in Afghanistan is turning out. With some dedicated work, ambition and dream to have a much better life eventually, the internet is your vehicle to freedom.
If you have a computer (even an old, clunky, beat-up one that is slow and freezes us), an internet connection (even a slower than tar dial-up connection) AND THE RIGHT KNOWLEDGE, you will generate your own work from home.

Where to begin? It all seems so complex. Search engine optimization (how many cylinders does it have?), organic traffic (what’s wrong with processed traffic?), Paypal, Clickbank, eBay, Google and reality internet. You need simple knowledge, well explained and easily understood.
You can do this risk free at your own pace and the sky is the limit. You will find that you are your own worst enemy when it comes to getting ahead, but that’s the subject of another article.

In Conclusion: Regarding work from home, don’t take that second job at the burger place. Create your own income from home. There is a free system that gives you the education I mentioned above needed to earn serious income from your kitchen table in your underwear (I recommend closing the curtains!). Click on Work From Home [] where I will explain to you more about the internet and introduce you to a massive library of instantly downloadable FREE ebooks. No information will be asked of you, not even your email address. I promise This will give you every chance to build your own work from home jobs if you so desire. You can’t beat it when you work from home.